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Let me begin by telling you that life is not always simple when you live with a handicap. A number of difficulties affect the smooth running of my daily life, but luckily, with a small dose of ingenuity, my handicap doesn't prevent me from enjoying myself completely.

One of the main reasons why I set up my website, is that I would like to share my biking activites with you, but apart from that, I wished above all to convince you that nothing is really quite as impossible as it seems when living with a handicap.

Therefore I invite you to discover my very personal way of "one-armed" biking. Hoping it will amuse some of you but that it will offer hope and encouragement to others, enjoy ...
Ky-Nam, the B2R
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New stuff and updates :
  • New pictures
New stuff and updates :
  • New mini-videos
  • New pictures
  • A page on my sponsors
  • More and more texts translated in english
  • A new description of my bike

Next to come :
  • The FreeRaid 2003 story
  • My bike setup
  • A Tips and hips page for rookies and one arm rider like me

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